„IN STOCK“ – Finished cell phone cases which are ready to ship and can be with you within a few days. 🛹
Mobile phone model as in the title

We put a lot of effort into making high-quality mobile phone cases / protective covers from recycled skateboards. 📱

We not only virtually but also consciously carve each ordered case to the right or desired mobile phone model. 🌈

That’s why we also offer different colorways (here: IN STOCK model) in our shop, from which You can choose the model you want for your cell phone case in a selection field and have it made individually after your order. 🏠

The skateboard wood is about 0.8 mm thick and thus allows the energy to flow during inductive charging! 🍃

We also offer the possibility to engrave your unique piece with a personal wish. Whether a picture or a special lettering. There should be no limits to your creativity! 🖼

The case is made of 100% polyurethane which is also used for skateboard wheels. Accordingly, little abrasion and shockproof up to about 1.5 meters. 🛹

On the sides you will find a ribbed surface which serves to ensure that you do not accidentally drop your cell phone during your action and thus have enough grip & feel for the sensitive device. 🧗🏻‍♂️

Who wants to have a Spiderphone..? Better a Skateboard Protector! 🕷

If you have any questions, feel free to slide into the DM’s or have a look at the website! ✉️

Email: info@victimbrand.de 📨
Shop: victimbrand.de 🌎

Here you can find more color variants.
Here for an image video.


IN STOCK – iPhone 12 / 12 Pro – Cell Phone Case – Protective Skateboard Wood Protector / Bumper / Phone Case


Your skateboard case comes with a unique colorway grain. Each cover is absolutely unique. More individuality for you is not possible!

Each sustainable cell phone case is a handmade masterpiece finished with skateboard wood veneer
Refined cover made of thermoplastic polyurethane – flexible, robust, impact and cut resistant (skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane – high hardness, flexible and wear-resistant) used for high-performance applications

  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Dead weight of the refined case – maximum 39 grams – light as a feather!
  • Shock proof feature makes the mobile phone case fall-proof (up to 1.50 m)
  • Despite the protective case – wafer-thin, flexible & ultra-light
  • Display protection thanks to the slightly raised frame (bulletproof glass is still recommended)
  • Ribbed structure on the edges – for maximum grip
  • Discreet VICTIM logo engraving


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